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Farm group abandons water safety scheme

Farm group abandons water safety scheme

MEPs today rejected a draft energy efficiency bill designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save €300 million a year.

The bill will have been drawn up on 16 March, but after weeks of controversy MEPs today voted for an initial draft on 8 March.

The bill, to be considered by the Committee on Energy and Environment (CEE), aims to:

Reduce energy prices

Save €1 billion a year in electricity bills

Save around 1,000 jobs by 2020

Ensure that all household goods are built with energy efficient materials.

With support from Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, the bill was initiall골드 카지노y opposed by the Green Party, which said it would cause irreversible damage to the climate change agenda.

The Independent has attempted to contact CEE on an earlier draft of the bill, but has not received any response.

Environmental groups have complained that the draft, as proCDC 철도청 카지노posed, would lead to a’monumental expansion of subsidies and giveaways’ to big fossil fuel companies, including Ceren Group, BP, Total and Shell.

MEPs are due to debate the new bill in the coming days.

Greenpeace said in a statement: “We have urged MEPs to reject the draft energy efficiency scheme, which would provide the wrong answers to the public.

“We have also called for MEPs to reject any proposal which undermines our efforts to make the energy-saving and climate-protecting changes that are so essential for the sustainability and survival of our planet for future generations.”

It added: “We are pleased that they have agreed to hold a debate and that we have found the right balance between reducing climate-changing pollution and giving our homes, communities and industry the best chance of survival.”

Greenpeace had previously accused the draft bill of taking “from the interests of industry and profit maximizat창원안마 창원출장샵ion and investing them into the environment”.

A draft energy efficiency scheme is due to come before the committee this week.